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Layout help

Started by themetallikid, August 15, 2023, 02:47:07 PM

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My drummer would like to utilize his phone for the setlist we are he does not need lyrics or any documents, is it possible to display the setlist in the document viewer so that he can also see the set remaining time, set end time, and show end time?


You can't display the set list in the document viewer. You can display it instead of the document viewer. Is that what you're looking for? The easiest way to do this is to use the Full-Screen Lyrics layout but don't click the document buttons. You can customize the layout to remove the document buttons from the list if you want.


I think this could be a work around.....     

Could I not just create a 'song' called Setlist.  I'd save the setlist as a document/pdf, then upload that document to the 'setlist' song.  I'd then just make that the first song of the setlist, that way all members utilizing this that would not need the lyrics could have the setlist and set times as I mentioned in their display.  If they would want/need lyrics for any song, then they could open the song list and jump to that, but then jump back to the 'setlist' song. 


I created a layout on my drummers phone that is just setlist (stretched out to fill the screen and font sized accordingly), tempo number, tempo icon, and has "Last" and "Next" arrows for advancing songs. At the bottom it has options for the set/remaining/show times you listed.  No need to 'work around' anything, if I understand your desire correctly.

This way if setlist changes or next gig setlist is created, it automatically shows on his devices... no need to remember if I updated a PDF version.


Yes, I don't see a need for a workaround when you can just view the set list directly, with a layout that shows the desired info.