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URL scheme for mackie master fader app

Started by paddy, June 01, 2018, 08:13:08 AM

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Anyone have the URL scheme for mackie's master fader app to use in the apps field?  And a list of other music/midi apps schemes?  The link mentioned in the tutorial goes 404 now.


I know this is an old old post but I am looking for this at this moment with no luck. Master fader 4.


I was able to get it using this method:

The master fader 4 URL Scheme is: db-z07wpmyw9ythbj9

Spotify is: spotify


Oh, that's cool! I wonder if Mackie really set a scheme of "db-z07wpmyw9ythbj9" or if that was randomly assigned by iOS. Hopefully it doesn't change across app versions.