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Metronome fade in/out iOS

Started by frankfilipanits, September 06, 2023, 02:40:51 PM

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When starting the metronome in the BandHelper iOS app by touching the icon, the clicks sometimes fade in over something like half a second then also fade out over the same time.

This appears to be related to having "Auto-Mute Instead of Auto-Stop" set to ON, as well as Auto-Stop Bars = 1.

I want the visual metronome (Flash) to continue but only have the audible clicks for the first bar.

If I turn off "Auto-Mute Instead of Auto-Stop" the clicks are at full volume as expected (but then the flashing also stops after one bar).
Is there a way to set the fade in/out time for the muting or at minimum have it always start at full volume? The fade out is less objectionable than the fade in.

Thank you


The tempo clicks aren't supposed to fade out or fade in. Please submit a help ticket and then submit the troubleshooting info from the app so I can look at your device specs and app settings: