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Pinch to Zoom is turning my lyrics into an unreadable grid

Started by topscratch, September 19, 2023, 09:59:04 PM

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So, far this issue is only behaving like this on one song. I have lyrics in the Persnola lyrics field with bracketed chords. When I pull it up in the set list, the font is too big. When I pinch to zoom to bring it down to fit in the screen, as soon as I let go the type goes into a weird grid. The only way to get it back is to back out and start over from the set list view. I've attached a couple screen shots.


I'm guessing you copied and pasted this content from a website that includes some invisible formatting characters that are causing the problem when you resize. You could copy and paste from the Lyrics field to a plain text editing app like TextEdit on a Mac or Notepad on Windows, then copy and paste back into BandHelper again. If that doesn't fix it, please submit a help ticket so we can look into it further.


Thank you. I'll submit a ticket. I tried your suggestion. When that didn't work, I deleted the song entirely. Re-Added and copy and pasted from Notes. The notes were set to Monospaced format. In the song section of BH, I had checked "Remove formatting when pasting". It's strange that this is the only song that is behaving this way. I've looked for different settings, characters, etc. but have been unsuccessful.


Thank you! Yes, that works. Putting a space after the last bracketed chord would never have occurred to me. Thank you very much.