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Recording loops not stopping

Started by jamkeys, October 29, 2023, 07:49:18 AM

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Hi Arlo,
I have a couple recordings that are just loops and I stop them when we are done. Across multiple iPads, IOS versions and methods used to stop the recording , many times it just doesn't stop until I click around a bit and sometimes the app crashes. This includes when pressing the recording icon, and assigning the recording start/stop to a midi pedal/function etc.
Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


How are you looping the recordings? With BandHelper's built-in loop function, which is meant for repeating a section while practicing?

Does the problem happen if you just play a recording and are not looping it?


Sorry for the confusion . It's just a normal recording that is a typically a a percussion loop that I let play until we are done the song - which varies based on how long people solo. I can try to capture an example on video.