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"Title" field in Document greyed out

Started by Col, October 31, 2023, 01:51:57 PM

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Hi, I'm quite new to SLM so I'm hopeful it's just a setting I can't find.

I'm using the "Overlapping Buttons" layout and I've added the "Title" field to the Document viewer.
When adding the Title its font nice and bright white. If I leave the viewer and go back in the Title is now dull grey and can barely be seen. (image attached when approved by mod.)

I'm pretty sure it was fine a few updates ago, but like I say, I'm new to this app so I could've only just spotted this.

Any help would be great!

(side note, being able to add the Title to the Full-Screen Lyrics layout would be great. I can add it, but it only appears in the song list. When you show the chords & lyrics the Title label disappears)


The problem is that the field is partly under the document toolbar button, which disables it. If you move the field to the left a bit, that won't happen.


Ah ok! That makes sense.

Thank you for the quick reply.