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Setlist Upload

Started by ncoleklaes, November 03, 2023, 08:46:50 AM

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Hi Arlo/Forums,
My signer won't use the app (boo) and as a result creates setlist as PDF's in google drive. I then have to take the PDF and enter it into bandhelper manually.
I'd like to write a script to grab the setlist from google drive and format it in a way that would work for band helper. But, does anyone know if there's a way to upload a setlist from a CSV/XLSX/PDF document locally on my computer.
Or is there an API for band helper I could use to do this automatically even?


There's no way to import a set list because a set list consists of songs and songs consist of lots of other elements, and because there's normally no need to make the set list in another app. It would also be very difficult to extract the text from a PDF reliably -- definitely more work than would be justified by the number of people needing to do that.

I play in two bands that are in the same situation -- other band members are using the app but the leader refuses to. I just keep subtly reminding them -- "oh, look how I just instantly transposed this chord chart" or "oh, look how the edit I made is already on the other band members' devices."