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Tool tip "got it" error

Started by jimm, November 07, 2023, 03:03:52 PM

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On my iPad, in the Repertoire tab there are two new tool tips: "Select a set list or smart list..." and "The rest of these options...". When I click on "got it" for either of those an error occurs. Some black-on-white dialog comes up that starts with "Downloading..." that quickly disappears, then I see a dialog stating:

Unexpected Null
Connecting web table name help_tip

This is the latest version of BandHelper, AFAIK. (I looked for an app version in the General and Advanced settings, but didn't see anything obvious.) My iPad is a 9th generation running 16.16.1.


That was fixed in version 2023-10-30. You can see your current version on the Help > About page.


Thank you, Arlo. I had 2023-10-27 (123). After upgrading, that fixed it.