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Sending midi program change to roland spd sx whitout starting midi files

Started by bibu, November 01, 2023, 05:53:27 AM

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I'm able to send midi change program from bandhelper to my roland spd sx , but if the song in bandhelper contain a midi files this one is started automatically as soon I selected the song  , so I try to find the solution to send the midi change program wihtout starting automatically the midi files ...
Now the midi setting is in App Control, Send midi, Layout Actions,Song Selection

Thanks for your help


Is the MIDI file in the same MIDI preset as the program change? You would need to separate those into two presets if you want to run them at different times. If they are already in separate presets and they are both running when you select a song, you probably have Settings > Audio & MIDI > MIDI Options > Send MIDI Presets Together turned on and should turn that off.