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Hiding midi presets for an inactive device

Started by Insider0203, November 26, 2023, 07:58:10 PM

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I sometimes switch between two different guitar rigs for the same band. Each rig requires its own midi presets. How can I easily set up set list maker to have the presets attached for both devices but only show the relevant ones based on the rig I'm using?

I know that you can make individual presets inactive, which hides them as an attached preset on a song. I then thought that if you make a midi device in active, it would make the presets associated with that device inactive. But that doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, I'm not sure what making a midi device inactive does at all. I can't seem to notice anything I can or can't do while it's inactive.


One MIDI preset can send messages to multiple MIDI devices. So deactivating a MIDI device won't deactivate an entire MIDI preset, but it will deactivate the portion of that MIDI preset that sends to that device. So one solution is to deactivate the MIDI device.

A simpler solution is to set up each guitar rig and its associated MIDI devices to use a different channels. Then you can leave everything active all the time and the MIDI messages for the guitar rig that isn't connected won't do anything.


Ok, I do have everything on separate MIDI channels already. I might have to reorganize my presets though and give them titles that are reflective of both devices.


You don't have to combine your MIDI messages for different devices into single presets, but that can often be easier to manage. If you only use simple program changes and only use each program for one song, I'd say it's easier to set up one preset that sends to all the devices. If you have to send more complex MIDI data or want to reuse the same settings across multiple songs in different combinations, it's easier to have separate presets.