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Author Topic: Can video only be sent via Apple Lightning to digital AV adapter?  (Read 5462 times)


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Hello.  My band uses SLM to run a click/backing track.  I would like to incorporate video into our show.  I understand all of the processes for adding the video as a document to a song and getting the video to play with the recording.  I want to use an Apple Lightning to Digital AV adapter to connect the ipad to a projector (or if available TVs in the venue) using an HDMI cable to ensure stability.  I have changed the external display to Document +1 so the video is properly displaying on a connected external device.  However connecting the Lightning AV adapter to the lightning port disables the headphones out.  Our click/backing tracks are sent to our IEM mixer via the headphones output.  Is there a setting change to make so that the video is sent via the AV adapter but the audio is still available via the headphones output?


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Re: Can video only be sent via Apple Lightning to digital AV adapter?
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2023, 09:44:51 am »
You can turn on Settings > Audio & MIDI > Multi-Route Audio, then set the routes for the different audio sources to Lightning or Headphone.

Or you can get an adapter / splitter that separates the audio from the HDMI signal and connect your IEM system to that instead of the headphone jack.