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connecting and autokit changing in roland td17

Started by cheny, December 04, 2023, 11:49:05 PM

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hi all,
i want to use band helper with our drummer who owns a Roland Roland td17 kvx edrum kit.
we would like to control kit changes according with our song list
My questions are:
1, is it possible?
2. if so is it best to use ipad /android tablet / laptop?
3. how can it be done exactly i.e. what midi messages do we need to send?

thank you very much


1. Yes.
2. You can use an iOS or Android mobile device or a Mac laptop, but not a Windows laptop.
3. You'll need to find out what MIDI messages your drum system uses to change kits. The user manual is usually the best place to find this information. Once you know what MIDI messages you need to send, you can use our Sending MIDI tutorial to enter these messages into BandHelper.