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Mac App: Navigation

Started by joebear, December 10, 2023, 08:18:36 PM

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I am a long time user of the web interface, and the iOS/iPad version of BH. I am now faced with a use case where the Mac App would be very handy. But I can't seem to get started with it. It seems to behave radically different than the iOS app.

I am faced with a number of quirks, but let us start with this simple one. BH gets in a state where I can't seem to get it to 'back up' to previous screen/menu/etc.

I presume the 'back arrow' or 'less than' symbol in the upper left corner is supposed to pop one level of navigation? (see image) When misbehaving, it does nothing. Silently. If I rt-clk it, I get a context menu of previous levels in the nav stack. But selecting any of them does nothing except dismiss the context menu. I'm still at whatever page I was on.

What am I doing wrong?


I've never heard of that before. Please submit a help ticket to troubleshoot:



Your "Big Set List" layout was not updated correctly with an app update some time ago. You can fix it like this:

1) Click the Edit Layout button in the top toolbar and select Edit Document Viewer.
2) Click the document viewer's options button in the top right corner, click Expand To Full Screen and turn on Cover Top Toolbar.
3) Click the Edit Layout button again and click Save.


Thanks - but I'm not sure I follow you...

I'm guessing this is the document viewer's options button?:


I took a stab at it, but I'm not sure what the 'Expand To Full Screen' might be. The rectangle? And what is 'Cover Top Toolbar'? Google points me only to non-definitive info: says:

The song list and document viewer also have Expand to Full Screen buttons that provide a shortcut for resizing to the full screen size. On iOS devices without a home button, they also have Expand to Safe Area buttons to shorten the size enough to move the resize button into the accessible area of the screen. And the document viewer has a Cover Top Toolbar option that makes it expand over the top toolbar when showing it, but that is only available if the document viewer is layered on top.

But I'm still lacking the secret decoder ring. There is no graphic I can find to link to the text.


It sounds like you're skipping step 1. Then the options button in step 2 is a "gear" icon.