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Auto-playing a setlist for background practice or break muzak

Started by JerryK, December 17, 2023, 07:47:37 AM

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It used to be possible to set up a layout to play the default recordings of a whole setlist.  This was helpful for subliminal learning while at work or doing whatever.  It was also great for break muzak, in a separate Project.
Then the Settings were all gathered together - mostly a good idea - but at around that time (?) the above feature went away.
Some time later, I think the option to Select Next Song on Song Completion re-appeared on Layouts.  So I could make the recordings start on Song Auto-Selection.  But I already use the setting to start the song (Recording, scrolling, tempo, automation) on song Second-Select.
I don't really want to go altering settings per gig/rehearsal and twice per break.  For a start, I'll forget to do it - or undo it - I have a lot to keep afloat in my ancient head in the various format duo & trio gigs.  I'm the mixer guy and guitarist and part vocalist too.

Or did I miss something?
I'd happily go for a toolbar button - as I certainly would for the current Default Recording#, which I have also been known to forget to change, resulting in an unexpected extra guitar and lead vocal!


This functionality didn't go away at any point. It did have some rearranging and renaming once earlier this year.

Anyway, you can set Settings > App Control > Start Recording to both Song Auto-Selection and Song Second Selection.

This is good for reviewing your set list. However, I don't recommend using BandHelper as a "break music player." It's easier to use a plain music player app for that.


Sorry for that slight misunderstanding but I think 'play all' became rather unusable.  With both of those choices on, whether I use backing tracks or not, if the next song auto-selects at the end of each song, then the next song would start every time.  That's not how we want to work.  I do always want the next song to auto-select.  That's one less thing to step on between songs.

Background learning/listening: yes, please play all tracks (happens to work for muzak too).
Duo/any gig: auto-select next song but wait for second select, so we can talk to the audience, change guitar, add capo, view the song, take a drink, yada yada.
Is there another combination of settings I missed?  I feel there must be.

The layout seems to need Select Next Song on Completion, in both cases.  But with all the other settings 'global', it seems I have to switch setting each time between play-all mode and any gig mode.  I'd much prefer to set it and forget it, probably in a Layout intended for play-all purposes.  Otherwise, my song 2 will frequently start unintentionally.


If you want the next song to auto-select, whether performing or reviewing your set list, but you only want the next song's recording to auto-play while reviewing your set list, you would need to change the App Control settings to add the Song Auto-Selection trigger when reviewing the set list and remove it when you're done.

If you didn't want the next song to auto-select while performing, you would only need to change the layout, between a non-auto-play layout and an auto-play layout. In that case you could leave both App Control settings in place because Song Second Selection would only be used while performing (with the non-auto-play layout) and Song Auto-Selection would only be used when reviewing the set list (from the auto-play layout).

If you have multiple devices, you can have different App Control settings on each. For example, if you use a tablet for performing but also have a phone, you could do your auto-play setup on the phone and use that when reviewing a set list.


Thank you.  I'll get on testing that asap.

Sadly only one of my iPads is big enough for the Recordings space.  Interesting thought though.
Is there a table somewhere of the scope of the many settings?  That's a small 's', not a capital 'S'.

Season's greetings Arlo


QuoteIs there a table somewhere of the scope of the many settings?

Settings on the layout Edit Details page only affect that layout.

Settings on the Settings pages in the app that don't have a sync icon next to them affect all the projects on that device.

Settings on the Settings pages in the app that do have a sync icon next to them affect all the projects on any of your devices.

Is that what you're looking for?