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Live Sharing startup problem

Started by megahertz, December 21, 2023, 05:32:44 PM

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Hello. I have an iPad in my setup broadcasting actions (e.g. song selection) and an iPhone receiving.

In my practice studio there are two WIFI networks. Sometimes the iPhone and iPad don't connect for live sharing and I notice they have auto-connected to different networks. So I take the one that's connected to the "wrong" network and manually switch it to the "right" one.

Sometimes after the above has happened, the live sharing hangs when I touch "follow actions from" on the iPhone. The iPad isn't seeing the connect request even though the two are now on the same Wifi. I fiddle around, trying exiting and re-starting bandhelper on one or the other or both devices, maybe cancelling and retrying the "follow actions from" on the iPhone. Eventually something works!

Can you recommend "best practices" to avoid the hang and the fumbling around?

Thanks in advance...

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In the iOS wi-fi settings, you could look at the settings for one of the wi-fi networks and turn off Auto-Join, to make both your devices connect to the same network by default.

I'm not sure what steps would be needed to do live sharing after changing networks, but hopefully the above will make that moot.


I wish probably all devices had 'favourites' or some similar weighting system.

I don't know about iPhones but I have seen devices where the lack of Internet on a wifi router generated a warning (but not immediately) on first use.  If you responded appropriately to that, it wouldn't bother you again.  Conversely, if you didn't, that was the only opportunity and it was necessary to delete and re-make the connection to prevent future auto-disconnection after x minutes.


Yes, thanks. I suspect judicious use of the "auto join" settings is the best approach.

Auto join?                         iPad          iPhone
Home Wifi                         Yes            Yes
Rehearsal studio Wifi          No             No
Gig/Rehearsal Wifi             Yes            Yes

Then it should just be a matter of which to turn on first... iPad, iPhone, or doesn't matter.

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