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Custom Fields with Options (like there are for Ratings/Colors)

Started by jamkeys, December 28, 2023, 07:23:17 AM

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Hi Arlo,
I was hoping to be able to add a custom field like "Singer" with the pre-populated choices of available singers to check off/select similar to the ratings and Colors drop downs.

If that's not a thing I can use Tags like "Singer:Adam" but would be cooler to have dedicated custom fields.

In addition to singers I would use this to track my song learning/patch creation for new songs, Song Type (dance, slow, cocktail, etc)

Hope you are having a great holiday!   


This is on my wish list. Meanwhile, custom fields support auto-complete, so once you type "Adam" into the "Singer" field, that will appear as an auto-complete option for that field in the future.

QuoteHope you are having a great holiday!

I am, thanks!