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How to send bank change and mode change to Motif XF

Started by Keyman, January 19, 2024, 12:32:58 PM

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I'm brand new to SLM. I want to use it as a soloist.
For solo work I use Yamaha Motif XF6. I program on an XF7 and I'm aware of the change needed when I migrate to the XF6. For now, I'm programming the XF7 with SLM.
I have read the tutorials but I'm not understanding or just missing points.
I have completed enough of the proper settings that a program change is successfully sent when I select a song title. For example, I have setup a MIDI preset that a selects program 33 (i.e. #34 😉)
What I also need is to be able to send a mode change (Performance mode to Master mode) And (in Performance mode) bank change e.g. USR Bank 1 to USR Bank 3.
I have tried entering Hex into the RawMidi field. I've tried the Midi Learn. I've tried the Control fields.
SLM (and BandHelper) seems to have the best documentation vs. the other apps in this space so am excited to use it.
Hopefully this has been solved before and there's an example file or hand holding step by step videos. 🤓
All the Best  — Newbie


I know that other users are sending mode changes from the Raw MIDI field, but I don't know what hex code you need to enter or what else you have to set up on the keyboard. If another user doesn't respond here, I would try some other forms that are focused on that keyboard. Meanwhile, if you post a screen shot of what you have entered, I can look for any obvious problems.


P.S. I think you would have to adjust Settings > Audio & MIDI > MIDI Options > MIDI Preset Order to send the raw MIDI before the program changes, and to insert a delay between them.


Thank you for the speedy response!

Here is some information for the Motif XF I have found:

Modesw/Corresponding Command Strings

Voice:  F0 43 10 7F 12 0A 00 00 00 F7
Performance:  F0 43 10 7F 12 0A 00 00 01 F7
Pattern:  F0 43 10 7F 12 0A 00 00 02 F7
Song:  F0 43 10 7F 12 0A 00 00 03 F7
Master:  F0 43 10 7F 12 0A 00 00 04 F7

Motif Data List it states the identifier for
XF6 is $41,
XF7 is $42
and the
XF8 is $43.

Mode change

For example: F0 43 10 7F 12 0A 00 01 dd F7

with 0A 00 01 being the address for Mode Change and dd the parameter of the desired mode as follows:
dd = 00: Voice Mode 
dd = 01: Performance Mode 
dd = 02: Pattern Mode 
dd = 03: Song Mode 
dd = 04: Master Mode
A Mode Change brings you back to the same Bank/Program (resp. Pattern/Song) that was selected when you left the mode. In order to change to another Bank and/or Program, you need to send the respective Control Change command


I forgot to mention that I had already selected the delay that you mentioned.


It sounds like you know more about this than I do, but if you post a screen shot of what you have entered, I can look for any obvious problems.


Here's a screenshot of a MIDI  Preset.
The only thing my instrument responds to is "33". Everything in the Hex Code box and the "1" in the MSB of my 'All Ports' are ignored.


For the bank and program changes, are you sure your keyboard wants an MSB value instead of an LSB value? You could try your 1 in the LSB field instead. You can also try putting a 0 into whatever bank field you aren't using, in case your keyboard only accepts a bank change when both values are set.

For the raw MIDI, you could try putting each SysEx message on one line (everything from F0 to F7). Currently the first message is broken into two lines and the second message is broken into three lines. I don't think this will matter, but it's worth a try.

You can also click the MIDI button in the top toolbar and look at the Activity Log to verify what data is being sent.


Your suggestions helped!
I also re-read the manual and data list. (Discovered some mistakes on my part.)
I'm now able to select banks and programs.
Still working on changing modes.
I'll update with what I've found later this week.


I have been able to send Program Changes while in Performance mode on the Motif XF, as previously mentioned.
I have yet to be able to send a Change Mode command to the instrument.
For my application, I can use SLM by setting the XF manually in the Performance mode. I use this mode for 90% of the songs.
If I stumble on the commands and setup for changing modes, I will update.
SLM will be an enormous help and time saver and greatly reduce the setup time in between songs from 2-3 minutes down to 5-10 seconds.


Following up on this post:
The command to change to Master mode works
F0 43 10 7F 12 0A 00 01 04 F7

Next challenges:
1) when selecting the MIDI Preset Order to make Raw MIDI 1st, this reverts back to Program Changes bring first.

2) This second line is ignored.
F0 43 10 7F 12 0A 00 01 04 F7
F0 43 10 7F 12 0A 00 00 44 F7 <—- no effect

Any insights or suggestions are appreciated.


1) Please submit a help ticket describing specifically what you are doing and what result you see, then submit your troubleshooting info to that ticket.

2) Please submit a separate help ticket specifying the name of the song that sends that MIDI, then submit your troubleshooting info again to that ticket.