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MIDI Patch Changes with Roland Juno DS

Started by shacoustic, April 25, 2022, 10:41:05 AM

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I've been getting SLM working with my Juno DS88 using the Roland MIDI spec and mostly have everything figured out with Mode changes and patch changes. However, one thing is still very unusual. When trying to change to a Performance, my codes entered in the MIDI preset get me to that performance, but it also ends up changing the Part #1 to another random patch. I thought maybe it was the fact that my MIDI channel is #1 for the Juno, so I changed it to Ch 5, but that didn't do it. Then Roland told me that I could turn off the response on each Part to receiving Patch Changes, which solves the problem.

This is not ideal, though, since I have to remember to do it for every Performance created and, plus, there is just nothing in my MIDI codes that tells me why it would affect one Part in a Performance.

Does anyone have any further thoughts on this?



What MIDI kind of MIDI message are you sending for the mode change, and does that have to happen before the program change? Did you look at Settings > Audio & MIDI > MIDI Options > MIDI Preset Order?


Thanks, Arlo. Actually you helped me privately to figure out the order, so I definitely am changing the mode using the SYSEX string with the correct Mode Parameter first, followed by the patch change info. This still doesn't explain why the mode/patch messages are getting to the Part assignment within a Performance to change that. There is nothing obvious in Roland's MIDI spec that should be telling it to do that.


Okay. "Part" and "performance" are Roland specific terms, so hopefully someone familiar with Roland hardware can help.


Quote from: arlo on April 25, 2022, 11:26:48 AMOkay. "Part" and "performance" are Roland specific terms, so hopefully someone familiar with Roland hardware can help.

I am sorting this out for a band mate and I notice that there is a midi receive channel for part and a midi receive channel for performance. I don't have it with me to test but is it possible that you have sent midi for both on the same channel or are midi pc changes down both channels?