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Set List Widget request..

Started by Klark, January 22, 2024, 02:33:27 PM

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Hello, everyone!  My band really only plays one gig per week.  My guys like to see the set list early in the week so they can rehearse if they need to.  For band members that don't need Bandhelper accounts or don't have a tablet, I understand that I can email them a pdf of the set list, however should I make changes to the set list during the week, I would have to resend the set list to them.  What would be excellent (for my band anyway) would be for band members to simply visit and see an updated set list that I have selected for the weekends gig.  Yes, I understand that this is exactly what the Set List Widget is for, but that requires logging into Bandhelper, editing and copying the widget code, then logging into my website and pasting in the newly generated code, every week.  What would be excellent (again, for my band ;D ) is to have a function (checkbox?) somewhere under Repertoire > Set Lists that allows us to select the set list for the week that will be displayed on our websites /setlist page.  If this or a potential work around already exists, please let me know!

Thank you to Arlo for everything you do, and thank you to anyone else in advance.



The best option is to add your bandmates to your account. Even if they don't have tablets, they probably have iOS or Android phones that can run the app. Then they can not only view the current set list, they can view lyrics and chords and play recordings if you've entered them, and view the complete song list.

Short of that, you could either not keep past set lists and simply change the same set list each week, or you could make a copy of that set list each week to keep an archive of past set lists before changing it. In both approaches, the link on your website would remain the same from week to week.


You could also work with a smart list as a setlist and have a tag "Current set for this week" or something along those lines. Then you add that tag to the songs you want to play via mass-edit. That way you can keep your setlists incl. an archive as well and just highlight the current songs for your website via tags. That probably would be my approach :)