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"on the fly" setlist creation

Started by jjm35, January 31, 2024, 11:46:11 AM

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Hello, I am a Setlist maker user. In my band I use it for Lyrics, chords and some midi control commands for my FM9 fractal pedalboard.
The problem is that in my Band we work with a set list that is created in real time during the show as the singer sees how the audience is: He tells us each song that comes next, and my problem comes from the fact that then I have little time between songs to find the correct song in a setlist previously created by me of all the available songs.
It would be great if the singer could create the setlist on the fly by adding the next song and that somehow, with the options of linking devices, the setlist that the singer is building could be seen by the other members of the band.


You can use the Quick Add button in the show view to quickly select a song as the singer calls it. Or you can follow your singer's song selections through Live Sharing so as he selects songs on his device, the same songs get selected on your device:

In either case, you do not need to create a set list of all available songs; you can use a smart list instead:


I have a Smart List of all songs in the Project, sorted by song title and possibly filtered by some Tags.  Would that get you a bit closer?