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Database update fix

Started by Ahiru, February 20, 2024, 05:34:12 AM

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Regarding this release note for the 2024-02-18 iOS release:
QuoteFixed a problem that generated database errors after skipping some app version updates. If this already happened to you, you can click Help > Utilities > Update Database Version to apply the missing updates.
Will it be obvious if you have these errors and need to run the utility?  (We have some iPads that get updated more 'intermittently' and may or may not qualify for 'missing updates')


Yes, you will see an error that says "there was a problem saving your data." If in doubt, you can submit a help ticket and I can check your database. Normally it's fine to skip updates, so this is only needed to compensate for a bug in the last version that didn't handle skipped updates correctly. More specifically, the problem only happens when updating to version 2024-02-09 after having skipped some of the versions before that.