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2 way sync

Started by Quadcab, February 25, 2024, 03:13:54 AM

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Wondering if it's possible to make the "Schedule" function "shared" rather than just a feed. We give access to partners to add holidays etc, and would have to add another 6 people to Bandhelper to make the current setup useable. If it was a "shared" calendar it would make the Bandhelper "schedule" available to amend from within the Apple or Google calendar apps on everyones devices.

There's probably a technical reason but just thought I'd ask!!

Still love Bandhelper though :)


Besides being difficult to poll, download and merge data from third-party calendars, BandHelper relies on some data that the other calendars wouldn't have, particularly the Users field.

In any case, you would need to add users to your account to properly represent them on the calendar. I think the next best thing would be asking them to tell you their unavailable dates and you could enter those dates on the calendar, assigned to yourself, or whoever needs to see those when doing the booking.