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understanding of "Added Data" Persmission

Started by dr_rollo, March 22, 2024, 07:09:39 AM

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Let me first describe my workflow:
I'm adding a new song, add a document and an audio file to it, sharing this with my bandmates which works fine.

Now they like to add their own document to it or option B: like to do annotations which they should see only.
Both is not possible when they have only added data permission. I need to grant all data, but that often leads to mistakes which affects the other members.

The problem (from my point of view): when adding a file all users are selected by default. I would prefer that they only the user is selected who's adding the document. For optimal case this document should be listed at top, so it's displayed automatically for them when selecting a song. Otherwise all users get this document also synchronized and this could lead to confusion or requires additional action to select the right document.

What's about option B: to allow users adding annotations on documents they didn't added by themselves but only they see their own annotations synchronized with their accounts?


Added Data users can add their own documents to songs and those documents will be assigned only to that user by default.

Added Data users can also turn on Settings > Account Sync > Personal Sync > Document Annotations to add annotations that only they can see, but if they are annotating documents that are assigned only to them then this doesn't matter.


Yeah, that's it! Option B works after turned on the Sync for Annotations. Thanks for the quick answer!

However, I played around yesterday a little bit with a test account that has got added data permission. Noticed that I was able now to add documents also a photo. The day ago I was working with one of our bandmates, the last one who didn't used a tablet, yet. We tried to add one of his own paper documents, but I missed the option to add a file, and had to grant him full rights to do so. Also I didn't noticed that there is a Photo option for adding documents, what could be great in his case. I will follow up again to check if there is something different with his account, maybe submit a help ticket, if so.