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column breaks in double column

Started by pbob42, March 03, 2024, 03:42:15 PM

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is there a column break in double column?

without it, the only way to line up lyrics in 2 columns is with carriage returns.  That really creates a challenge when printing or sharing songs.

If there is column breaks, is there a way to vertically allign text on the page in the column?  That would also rduce the need for carriage returns to allign lyrics.


You can add a marker where you want the second column to start, and edit the document viewer in your layout and turn on Hide Other Lyrics Sections.

You can do this with more than one marker to create multiple pages of a two-column display (first sections 1-2 will show, then sections 3-4 will show, etc).


is there a trick to this?  a special name for the marker?

Sometimes it works nicely and sometimes it duplicates the text on both columns.


There's no trick to the marker name. If you see a problem, please submit a help ticket.