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Moving set lists

Started by TcRoc, March 09, 2024, 06:55:16 AM

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I can't seem to find the way to move setslists,, right now set 2 is above set 1 as did some editing at thats just the way it ended up.. I dont see a way to just drag it down betewen sets 1 and 3.
All is functiional obbviously just annoying to look at


In Edit Songs for the setlist, click the three dots far right on the set list label.


Are you talking about moving sets within a set list, or sorting set lists within the Repertoire > Set Lists list? If the former, Zionplayer is correct. If the latter, undated set lists are alphabetized (but it would be better to put three sets into one set list instead of making a separate set list for each set, if that's what you're doing).