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Layout with only a song-list

Started by pheldal, March 09, 2024, 12:49:26 AM

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I understand the option/type given for a new layout, but I'm missing an option to create a layout with only a songlist (no document viewer). I believe there used to be a per-layout option to choose whether or not a floating songlist should be closed when a song is selected. That option disabled along with a fullscreen songlist floating on top the document-viewer would previously have been my solution. This is no longer possible as the list in a layered view is hidden once a song is selected. Now I work around the issue with a split-screen view where the document-viewer is reduced to a minimal strip along the side of the screen, but it doesn't look pretty. An option in document-viewer-settings to hide it completely would solve the problem. I'e hide the document-viewer and maximise the songlist.

The request is based on wishes from a drummer who doesn't want anything beyond a setlist with tempobuttons that he can use to quickly check his tempo before count-in.


The solution is to use a layout with the layering set to Document Viewer On Top and then never show the document viewer. You can use the standard Full-Screen Lyrics layout for this (and never show the lyrics).


Thanks. That works.

It seems like the problem with irregular visual metronome has returned. There must be a race-condition of sorts messing with the flash-timer because every now and then when switching songs while the metronome is running (set to auto start when the next song is opened) it looks like a combination of the tempo of the previous and current song on top of each other. Is it possible to stop the metronome and clear the tempo as one song is closed before the next is opened? If all traces of the previous song is removed before the next is opened this should be fixed, or ... ?  Stop/start tempo fixes the irregular flash. The audible metronome is not affected.


Please submit a help ticket for your tempo question.