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Checklist Dates

Started by CharlyP, May 26, 2019, 04:11:06 AM

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Hi Arlo,
BH 4.0 is live in the meantime - and yes, it works as a charm. The new features are cool and the redesign of the IOS app is just pretty.

I've a suggestion for the new checklist feature (which I like very much).

We decided to use this to schedule the relevant tasks before an after a gig - such as ,three weeks before', ,two weeks before' ,...'. As we're able to link a checklist with an event (which has a specific date) it would be great to use a function to ,auto schedule' the checklist items relatively to the event.

In that case using a template would be quick and easy.

Maybe a good idea for an improvement 😊



I'm glad you like the design updates!

Making checklist dates relative to the event somehow is a good idea and I'll let you know if I can work that in.


With yesterday's update, the checklist copy function is updated so that if the original checklist was linked to an event, and you link the new copy to a different event when copying it, any due dates for the checklist's items will be adjusted to maintain the same time interval from the item to the event.