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Testing Permissions

Started by rdownton, March 02, 2024, 01:04:13 AM

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Is there an easy way to test what my band mates can see? I'm having troubles with my band mates viewing the correct documents. We tried changing the order they see by default but sometimes I have a document in multiple keys and that doesn't always work out. I then tried removing permission from the alternate key documents but it was causing problems recently. I removed permission for an alternate chart but it was still showing up for them. It would be helpful if I could simulate their account to test they see what they are seeing.


The app only downloads the data assigned to each user, so there isn't an easy way to switch users and see what another user will see.

The factors that affect what document a user will see are 1) the order the documents are placed in on the song edit page, 2) Settings > General > Defaults > Document, which only affects that device, and 3) the Users field on the document edit page.

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