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Document toolbar different than expected

Started by Turnaround, March 22, 2024, 08:38:11 AM

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I'm trying to find out why the tools on the toolbar in the Document Viewer are different that what I see documented.  I'm running BandHelper release 2024-03-145 on an iPad 11, OS Ver. 17.3.1.  I seem to have a pair of transpose buttons (# and b), a button to switch to chord numbers (I-IV-V), a button tp speak the lyrics and a mystery button that I can't figure out.  Also if I hold the drop-down button the document will shift half-way down the document screen with blank above and the only way to get the document back full screen is to close the document and re-open.
Given the different buttons from the docs, I feel I must have missed a release note.  I can't find anything in the forum about this.


I should add that I don't see the Marker, Annotation and Switch Fit-to-Height/Width buttons


The document toolbar is different if you are viewing the built-in lyrics field versus an attached document. Both versions are documented in their respective tutorials:

Also, you can long-press any toolbar button to show a help tip.