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Preview recording volumes

Started by dfconn, June 13, 2019, 11:57:52 AM

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Hi, Arlo - thanks for all your hard BandHelper!

Will you be addressing a major (for me) concern I've had: set audio levels for each recording while listening to the audio output? that would be a major help with set lists using various backing tracks.

Thanks, in advance, for considering this.


I can put that on my wish list.


Hi Arlo, I was wondering if this was ever implemented. I have a lot of tracks where the volume levels vary and would love to be able to adjust and save them for each song.


You can adjust and save the volume for each recording, but you still cannot preview those adjustments in real time as requested here. You would have to change the volume setting, save, play the recording, then repeat if needed.

The volume sliders that you can add to your layouts do work in real time, but volume adjustments made with those aren't saved.


Thank You! The recording levels default to 100% and the volume slider in the layout defaults to midway. So just to clarify, when I move the volume slider is it increasing the volume greater than 100% or is the midway point giving me 50%. I don't necessarily have to adjust the volume within the layout. 


The volume slider defaults to 100%. On iOS, the volume can go above 100%, so 100% is in the middle. On Android, the volume can't go above 100%, so 100% is at the top.