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No Audio Out

Started by jeff9661, April 13, 2024, 11:48:18 AM

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No audio out of the iPad audio out port (3.5mm) when I have my Yamaha CK-61 connected via USB. I'm using an Apple camera adapter to connect the iPad to an Atolla USB hub. Connected to the hub is my Yamaha CK-61 keyboard and my Roland Fantom 06 keyboard. I then use the audio out of the iPad to my Mackie profx10 mixer. I get audio out of the iPad fine until I turn on the Yamaha CK-61, then I get no audio. I'm also sending PC MIDI messages to the CK-61 with no problem. I've been reviewing the info at One of which is Multi-route Audio. I don't believe I need to have this on. However, it was working when I had that on and the input setting on that same page set to CK1. I do get audio, but it is VERY noisy, has no gain and I have to crank it up which makes the noise worse. I've also worked with the volume slider on the layout and increased the volume in recordings, which helps some, but again I should not have to do this. I've also tried using CK 61 port 2 under MIDI devices settings, but that did not work. I don't know what is up between BandHelper and the Yamaha CK-61. Not seeing any setting in the CK-61 that would fix this. Auido sound great when the CK 61 is turned off or disconnected. But I need it to facilitate PC changes.


I finally figured it out. In the CK-61 under menu > general > Audio > USB Audi Volume. Once I turned that up, I was able to turn off multi-audio in BandHelper . Initially the audio was coming out of the CK_61, but when I removed the cable from the iPad Audio out and plugged it in again. Then the audio came through that output. 

Moon Dog

I had a similar issue and it had to do with what was plugged in last. You should be able to reproduce the problem and solution by changing the order things get plugged in.