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Schedule JSON feed request

Started by jimm, April 21, 2024, 01:39:18 PM

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I'd love it if we could get past gigs as part of the JSON schedule feed. Right now, I use the feed to display upcoming gigs. On the same page we list our past gigs, but I have to update that manually. It would be great if there were another GET param I could use, or even a separate URL completely, that returned all past gigs so I could populate that list automatically.

As a side note, we use a cron job to fetch the feed every 15 minutes instead of hitting it on every website visit. If fetching and returning all past gigs were an expensive operation on your end you could do the same --- cache the results for X hours.


That's on my wish list and I'll add a vote for you. Meanwhile, depending on what your goal is, I would suggest adding a page to your website calling out notable venues you've played in the past, rather than simply listing all past gigs.

I haven't seen a problem with traffic to the website widgets, but I do cache the iCal feeds.