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removing a user

Started by themetallikid, March 30, 2024, 07:26:54 AM

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I am trying to delete a user, and it says its attached to 2 events.  I cannot find these events.  I found 4 of the 6 it originally mentioned, but cannot find the other 2. 

1) It would be nice it you can see a link to show that list right away
2) If those events have happened previously they shouldnt affect deleting a user.  I had another user previously that i had years of shows with, and to delete them all would be a pain and ruin tracking of my own shows then.

The user I'm trying to remove is Morgan, not sure if you can see what events that account is attached to.   


1) On the Schedule > Events page, you can filter for events including a user. While doing that, you can switch between all your projects, or click the Include All Projects option.
2) It would also ruin your tracking to delete users if they are linked to anything. That's why it is recommended to deactivate, not delete, users. The same recommendation applies for songs, categories ... anything that is linked to something else in your account.