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Set List Maker feature freeze

Started by arlo, May 26, 2024, 08:44:39 PM

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Set List Maker has always been hampered by some fundamental limitations, which my newer product, BandHelper, was designed to overcome. I've continued developing Set List Maker in parallel to BandHelper for more than 10 years, but have finally decided to stop adding new features to Set List Maker and devote that time to making BandHelper even better. You can continue using Set List Maker as it is now, but I encourage you to migrate to BandHelper for the latest features and most reliable functionality. To make that easier, the latest version 2024-05-23 includes a new Export To BandHelper function that uploads your databases, documents and recordings directly into a BandHelper account.

Please see this page for more of the reasoning behind this change:

And this page for instructions for migrating to BandHelper:


I think one of the biggest things preventing people from migrating to band helper is the subscription, especially for a single user.

Would it be possible to have purchases from legacy setlist maker users transfer over to a one-time payment tier just for legacy users?


I've considered that several times and have always concluded that it doesn't make sense to offer a cloud-based service, which has ongoing costs, for a one-time price.

I've also considered making a version of BandHelper that doesn't have any cloud-based features (no web interface, no syncing), but that would require so many code variations that it would defeat the purpose of deprioritizing Set List Maker.

In any case, when I surveyed Set List Maker users about this a year ago, only 12% selected the subscription model as a concern. The biggest concern was being comfortable with Set List Maker and not wanting to change, so I tried addressing that in the first link above.


Hi Arlo,

I've been using Set List Maker on my own in my band for sometime now but I just started to get my bandmates to use it. I had one member purchase the full feature set for Setlist maker. But since you're announcing that Set list maker is effectively being retired, would it be possible to have his purchase be refunded and have a credit go towards a Band Helper subscription just in this instance?


It depends on where you bought the app from:

- Apple: you can contact Apple to request a refund
- Google: you can submit a ticket to the Set List Maker help desk with your Google Play email address or transaction ID
- Amazon: doesn't offer refunds on app purchases


Reply to Insider0203:
I am a longtime Set List Maker user, having started on android tablets with SLM version 1.03 and later switched to iOS tablets up to now. I can assure you that SLM as it is today is a very well thought, stable running app, and I very often have the feeling that I don't need any further features. Even if Arlo is freezing it now it will remain my on stage solution as well as the optimal rehearsal friend. If I remember correctly I've added the MIDI, audio and video in-app-purchase - and I don't regret a thing. And usage all the years was free of charge.

I'd convince your friend of keeping it all.

By the way: Arlo, again a big THANK YOU for your work and service.

Cheers from Germany