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Contacts for all projects

Started by ChrisMikolaj, May 30, 2024, 10:35:45 AM

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Hey arlo

Events are currently possible to be shown for all projects, although I can only edit the ones of the current project, that I'm operating in.

Is it possible to show ALL contacts for all projects similar to the events?

Many thanks,


No. What is a scenario where you would want to do this?


The current scenario is that I've just added the contacts and events module and currently I am cleansing the data as there are several duplicate contacts now due to the way we've set up setlists without the contacts module before.

And as I'm the main admin for all the projects and currently categorizing all contacts and events, I liked the option to see ALL events for all the projects in one view, but couldn't do so for the contacts.

However, I just found a way to do what I wanted. As I'm having a "Master project" where only I have access to and I'm assigning all songs, etc. usually to the project the elements are used with AND the master project, I will do the same with the contacts. Then I can view all of the contacts rather easily.


An easier way to find duplicates across projects is to click the Find Duplicates button at the bottom of the left sidebar on the Contacts list (website only).


Yes, I saw that. But if the "contact" of a setlist before the Plus-module was different, as the contact names in the plus module get the name of the setlist as a contact name, those were no duplicates after all.

So I was looking for a central place to maintain the contacts rather than flipping between the projects.

But as of now I'm happy with the way I did it :) Many thanks for the hint though, much appreciated!