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Add existing setlist to an event

Started by ChrisMikolaj, May 30, 2024, 12:25:00 PM

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Hi arlo

I'm currently discovering the schedule module and I'm pretty happy with our setup now. Took some time, but it's great! Thanks already for that, as it will drastically increase our productivity in event planning within our band(s).

I've just created a new event, which is a rehearsal. During that rehearsal we will work on a setlist, that is already existing. However, on the event I can only chose to create a new setlist rather than add an existing one. So I went to the setlist, which is already linked to the gig we will play that setlist on. And there I could add the rehearsal as a new event.

The result of that is, that the setlist itself got multiplied in the setlist menu and both of this same setlist is of course linked to another event.

So my questions would be:

1. Is it possible add multiple setlists to an event? I guess the main use case would be rehearsals, during which we work on multiple projects in the same session.

2. Is it possible to chose an existing setlist to add to the event on the event page itself rather than creating a new setlist?

3. As the setlist is now "multiplied" (although changes to one setlist are reflected on the "duplicate" as well), I'm not sure if it might increase the overview if the setlist is just shown once and the column for the event would state "multiple events" or something like that?

I guess my last point is coming from not being used to that view, yet as we have only used the setlists wihtout events for years now. So maybe that is already the best way going forward and I just need to be pointed into the direction or use case for that.

So many thanks in advance already - I'm grateful for all tips, tricks and hints to maximize efficiency :)


1. Yes, but I wouldn't have thought to link a set list to a rehearsal event. Typically you would open the set list for the next gig, or keep a separate set list or smart list for rehearsal songs. But you could do this is you want. You would have to do it from the set list edit page rather than the event edit page.

2. Yes, but you would have to do it from the set list edit page rather than the event edit page. The reasons for organizing it that way are 1) it is more common to use the same set list for multiple events than to use multiple set lists for one event, and 2) it is more common to create the event first (when you book the gig) and create the set list later.

3. I think you're referring here to a set list linked to multiple events. The set list is not multiplied or duplicated; it simply appears in the list once for each event, so you can find it based on any of the event dates.


Okay, that makes absolute sense now you say it. Thanks, I will adapt it accordingly and that will work out like that for sure!

I guess the "trouble" mostly came from having everything organized in setlists before compared to switching to events now. So in the future it will be more streamlined and straight forward. Thanks! :)