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Importing from Data File Issue

Started by GalSinger, May 31, 2024, 10:51:10 AM

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Hi. I'm trying to import songs with a data file. I'm using the sample file provided. I save the file as a txt file with UTC-16 encoding. I've formatted the lyrics column to use the "\n" break for new lines and paragraphs.

I was able to successfully upload a file with 4 songs in it as a test but haven't been able to do it again successfully. I upload the file and then I get a "working" indicator.
It hangs like that until I close it. (longest I waited was an hour)

My internet connection is stable and strong.

I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas why this isn't working. I've tried smaller files with maybe 10 songs but they don't work either.

Thanks for you help. I'd really like to figure this out so I don't have to enter these all manually.


Can you post your file here, or submit a help ticket and attach it there if you don't want to share it publicly?