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Can't find Play/Pause/Stop action for app control using midi

Started by edrod85, June 28, 2024, 09:46:49 AM

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I'm playing in a duet with backing tracks.
We both use bandhelper.  Singers uses it for notes and lyrics and I use it for chords, FM9 preset change, and notes. 

We're using a separate iPad to control the backing tracks.  I am setting up my air step to be able to do the following:

Previous song:
Next song:

I was able to setup previous/next song.  Unfortunately I cannot find any of the actions for play, stop, pause.  I've searched in actions - all with no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Did you click All at the top of the Actions list to view all the actions? Only the most common actions are shown by default.

You can use the Start Recording and Stop Recording actions, or you can assign the Start/Stop Recording action to a single foot switch button rather than using two separate buttons.

There is no Pause Recording action, but Stop Recording works like a pause. If you stop and start again, it continues where it left off. If you want to stop and play from the beginning, you need to use a Reselect Current Song action, or just change to the next song and back again.