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Bandhelper with Midi automisation for a 5 members cover-rock-band

Started by RR, July 08, 2024, 04:55:36 AM

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Hi Arlo and all Bandhelper users,
we had a great weekend with 2 gigs and just wanted to say thank you for the support.
Bandhelper is a crucial part of our gigs and kind of the 6th member...
We usually sit together after the soundcheck to shuffle some songs into and out of the setlist. Then we use a mobile hotspot to synchronise all of our tablet PCs. Then the show can start!
2 of us use a Midi-Interface (Roland UM-One MKII) to control their guitar-multieffect boards. We also use those as a foot-switch to control bandhelper (scroll / switch to next song).
Our drummer uses the BPM-display to count us in.
This makes song transitions very fast. So only minimal breaks between songs.
We all use Android Tablets with 12.x Inch displays. I can really recommend those with AMOLED Displays (mainly Samsung). In a 4 hours gig I consume only about 25% of battery power because of the dark scheme. Our singer has an older LCD-Display, her battery was empty when we were nearly at the end of our set.

So, please keep up the good work!
Robin from 1.2..3...