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Layouts without Songlist or Document Viewer

Started by ncoleklaes, July 10, 2024, 06:09:39 AM

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Hi all,
In previous versions of the app I had a layout for a phone that displayed only the title of the current song and the the title of the next song in the set.

My application is for a device on a lighting truss that can be viewed by all band members. This keeps me from having to call tunes over the talkback mic every song or two.

I accomplished this through the button and fields editor.

However, since this update, I'm unable to have the two title fields be on top. They seem to be constantly blocked by a setlist or a document. Is there a way to remove both the setlist and the document from a layout still? Can I accomplish this by placing a background box over both elements and then placing the title fields in that?

Any other ways that folks are accomplishing this? Thanks!


Every layout needs a song list and document viewer, but you can hide one and reduce the size of the other. I'd suggest using a layout with layering set to Document Viewer On Top, so the document viewer is hidden initially, and just leave it hidden. Then you can resize the song list, perhaps to a thin column on one side. Then size the fields to use the remaining area.

This would be similar to the Big Fields template shown here, but simplified to include fewer visible elements and a smaller song list:


I'll give it a shot. Thanks Arlo!
Appreciate the app!