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Set List Maker on iPad and Macbook needs two separate purchases of the base app

Started by Lange, January 11, 2023, 03:15:59 AM

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In 2020 I purchased the Set List Maker base app. This is on my Ipad 2. Recently I made the in-app purchase for Midi.
Now I would like to put the base app with Midi on my Macbook pro, but I can't.
Searched the forum but couldn't find a solution. Finally got in touch with Apple support. They indicate that it is due to the fact that there are two versions of Set List Maker for Apple in the App Store: a version for iPad/iPhone ánd a version for the Mac.

I thought: you have 2 systems, Apple and Android. But for Set List Maker there are 3: Apple iPad/iPhone, Apple Mac and Android. So you do have to purchase a separate version for Set List Maker on the Macbook when you have already one for the iPad/iPhone?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, iOS and macOS are separate operating systems and require a separate purchase.