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ipad split screen mode not sending midi

Started by MikeLupo, January 27, 2023, 09:51:27 AM

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When I go into split screen mode with my IPAD (ios 16.3), SLM doesn't send midi.  As soon as I go back to a full screen (non split mode) -- it sends midi.  This use to work for me.  Is this something that changed with IOS or do I have a bad setting?


Oops -- my error.  I see when I go into 'split screen' mode on my ipad, it is changing views --- so I had to update setting "send midi" in that new view. -- Then, midi is sent


Just to clarify what's happening for anyone else reading this: if you're using a split screen or multi-window mode on your tablet (where you are showing multiple apps at once), that reduces the window size for Set List Maker, and that will make Set List Maker load a new layout for the new window size if one is available. Layout actions like sending MIDI on song selection are layout-specific, so you will need to add those settings to the new layout if they're not there by default.