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Adjusting Volume Of Recordings

Started by fleahead, January 30, 2014, 12:23:18 AM

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I was going through my portfolio tonight balancing out my volumes in the new Recordings option. I find that the process would be easier to do if you would use the +/- controls for gain/attenuation rather than the finger slider bar, which lacks any precision control. With no point of reference, I find it difficult to get satisfactory results.
Jim in Ohio


It's a good point, but any numeric values used with a stepper control would be arbitrary. Apple's audio framework officially takes a value of 0-1 where 0 is muted and 1 is full volume, and then unofficially it takes a value of greater than 1 to go louder than full volume. So I could replace the slider with a stepper that moves in, let's say, increments of 5% where every 5% is a .05 change on that 0-1 scale. It wouldn't really be 5% louder, but it would be a frame of reference at least. Does that sound better?


That would be fine. Anything that would give a numeric indication of the amount of gain  or cut applied is what's needed.
Jim in Ohio

Moon Dog

Yes any thing where we can see a measurement would be perfect.
The slider is great but I find that I have to "Guess" how much to move it. And then test and go back...sometimes three or four times.
Also sometimes if I am just trying to make a song a little louder or a little softer, its almost impossible. It sometimes looks like the slider snaps back to the from position if you just try to move it a little.

This would be a game changer for me Arlo..
Thanks for considering.

Moon Dog.


All right, in version 4.0, the slider is changed to a stepper that moves in 5% increments.