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Fragmentary DB sync

Started by CharlyP, January 14, 2014, 06:05:20 AM

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Hi all,
We've got a weird problem regarding the db sync feature.

The starting position is as follows:

- IPad 3 with freshest IOS
- IPad Air with freshest IOS
- both of them got the freshest SLM
- both of them have purchased the sync feature
- on the IPad Air there is a fresh database (via create database) with no songs or anything else

On the Ipad3 there is the main database with all the lyrics (not as attachment, plain text within the songs), timings, etc. I've synchronized this database to 'the service' at regular times, the history information tells me also how much changes happened.
But if my colleague tries to sync the database to his IPad Air the only he gets are the historical change informations - no lyrics, no timings and sadly no songs or shows or anything else....

We've doublechecked sync name and password, and also checked the historical informations shown on the second device (they are identical to the informations on the main device).

Does anybody has an idea?

Kind regards
Charly Preis


If you send me a message from Settings > General Settings > Troubleshooting > Request Tech Support on the iPad Air, I can check it out. When you fill out the help form, please list the steps you have taken to set up and perform the sync on that device.


Hi Arlo,
Thanks for your quick reply!
I've mailed my bandmate to provide you with the requested informations.
Kind regards from Cologne


It looks like the iPad 3 (with all the data) has only uploaded data that was added since you set up the syncing. It should have uploaded all its data at this point. So the iPad Air can only see your latest updates. Here's the solution:

1) On the iPad 3, tap Settings > General Settings > Troubleshooting > Reset Sync Server. This forces all your data to upload.
2) On the iPad Air, tap Settings > General Settings > Troubleshooting > Reset Local Data. This forces all that data to download.

Now the two devices should be in sync, and I recommend enabling Settings > Database Sync > Auto-Sync to keep them in sync.


Hi Arlo,
The problem is solved with your recommendations - thank you for your support!  :)

Kind Regards,