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Lyrics Scroll Suddenly Gone

Started by fleahead, January 18, 2014, 01:23:28 PM

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When to do a little warmup before gig tonight and realized my lyrics are no longer scrolling. It was fine last weekends jobs. Checked my automation settings. Everything looks right.

Calculate Auto-Scroll Duration=Auto
Recalculate Speed If Overridden=OFF

Auto-Scroll Document or Lyrics=ON

I have the same durations in my song that I've always had

I open the song in perform mode, and the lyrics pop up, and the recording starts, but the little document icon doesn't start counting down like it used to, and of course there is no scrolling. I think I'm screwed for tonight, unless Arlo reads this in the next few hours....

Ooops... just read the notice about the update problem. Never mind.
Jim in Ohio