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Customizable gestures in Perform window

Started by drumm1n, November 16, 2013, 10:06:49 AM

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I'd like to see Perform Window navigation actions be user settable.  For me, there are too many actions to scroll and move back/forward between songs to the point where I'm about 50% successful in getting the behavior I want. This isn't because I'm uncoordinated, but as a very kinetic drummer, it's hard be accurate (particularly during song performance when you realize you aren't where you want to be on screen but can't stop the performance).

Here's what I'd like to have as my default behavior in the Perform Window:

  • Single tap - does nothing (in my case, I can't reliable hit the right portion of the screen to effect the right action)
  • Double tap - shows/hides navigation bars (default now is select/copy which is useless and should be disabled!)
  • Tap and Hold - enters song edit mode (and saving the song returns you to the Perform window)
  • Swipe Up/Down - scroll up/down not more than one page view
  • Swipe Left/Right - previous/next song
  • Two finger pinch/expand - zoom in/out

Right now, two of the default actions (double tap and tap hold) result in selections which is really not a useful action in the perform window. Often (50% of the time) when I'm resizing the lyrics or chords with a two finger gesture, I end up with a selection which is really frustrating.

Why have a 'edit song' action? Well, when practicing for a gig, I want to use the Perform function so I know exactly what is going to happen live (the ultimate dress rehearsal). The most common thing that happens is the band makes a tweak to the song which necessitates a change to the lyrics or chords or tempo etc.  Currently that requires backing out of Perform, finding the song in the Show list, click edit, make the change, click save, click Perform again, scroll to the song in the set list, and select the song.  Too many steps; too slow. The band is ready to play the next song while I'm fumbling with SLM. Or worse, I don't bother to document the change.

I recognize my way may not be for everyone, so the ability to make these action user customizable would be ideal for everyone.




I'll add "customizable gestures in Perform window" to my wish list. In the meantime the default gestures are as close to iOS standards as possible. That means a single-tap is used to toggle toolbars. I can look into disabling the default system behavior of selecting text on a double-tap. I'm not a fan of tap-and-hold, especially when there's no icon to show that an action is available. If I implement editing from the Perform window (another wish list item), I'd prefer to add an icon that shows the action is available.


Okay, I can disable the default behavior of selecting text with a double-tap when I start compiling the app for the iOS 7 SDK. I'm planning to do that starting with app version 4.0 in the first half of next year.

This would only apply to lyrics; when viewing a document, a double-tap auto-zooms to a column of text, which is a standard behavior that I'll want to keep.


To confirm: text selections are disabled for the lyrics, chords and notes display in Set List Maker 4.0. The exceptions are if you're running an iOS older than version 7; or if your notes contain a link, because the link can't be clickable unless the text is selectable.


You also asked about editing a song from the Perform window. In version 4.0, you'll now see an Edit button in the top toolbar next to the current song's title. If you tap that, the song edit page will appear in place of the song view page. After you make an edit, you can select the song again in the set list (assuming you have the set list in the left column, which now works in either landscape or portrait) to reload it in viewing mode.

Also, I'm now calling the Perform window the "show view" because the new design is meant to support either a practice or performance situation.