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MIDI PORT questions (ALESIS IoDock and BEHRINGER IStudio)

Started by GuyM, February 04, 2014, 09:36:52 AM

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When I asked this question earlier Arlo answered

"MIDI ports - Set List Maker can address outgoing messages to specific ports.
However, I don't know if the iO Dock considers the USB and MIDI jacks to be separate ports, or just two ways to access the same port, or if you can use them both at the same time.

Anyone know the answer to this?

also for the BEHRINGER...too ! thanks


Added query about Behringer iStudio MIDI ports too  ;D

I guess (for me) the main thing to sort is...can you send MIDI Program Change data through the USB and MIDI out port at the same time?


Response from Behringer support re: iStudio:

"Dear Guy.

Thanks for contacting us. MIDI channel differentiation is completely software related. If the app you are using allows assignment of separate MIDI channels then differentiation will be achieved through the iStudio.

All routing would be decided by the software. MIDI data is sent via MIDI ports and USB.

I have two Mac's here both running Ableton Live. I have one hooked up via USB to the iS202 and the other hooked up to the MIDI OUT port of the iS202 using a MIDI to USB interface. I have a MIDI pad app running on the iS202. With MIDI instruments (drums in this case) assigned to both Mac's I can now trigger sounds on both Mac's using the iPad app.

Routing of MIDI I/O signals to and from BOTH ports on the iS202 can now be done using my DAW.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards

Jr.Admin CARE
Music Group Research UK Limited"




So based on the reply, would my DAW be able to recognise the USB MIDI from the straight MIDI out ? or is it simply just MIDI data coming in regardless of USB or MIDI Socket used to transmit?


My istudio just sends the same data via usb and midi out.


But anything you're sending MIDI to should be configurable to respond only on one of 16 channels. So you could send your data from Set List Maker to the desired channel and the other devices should ignore it.


Agreed....however (as devils advocate) this is ok unless each of your 3 MIDI devices is 16 channel multi timbral  ;D
but for my immediate purposes have just 16 channels to play with would suffice :)


I don't get it.....
I am using four devices. Each has a receiving channel.
The device ignores everything on the other channels.
It's pretty straightforward.


Yes, having a 4 devices that each receives on a separate midi channel is straightforward, I agree

My query was about differentiating the USB MIDI data from the other MIDI OUT port data (if possible)

I need to use BOTH the Transmit Ports because I have 3 MIDI devices and only one has a MIDI thru sadly

As I said, I can make do with just 16 MIDI channels with the LIVE Set up, but in the studio I have a number of Multi Timbral keys/module devices where just 16 channels would not be enough (or a real pain to configure)


Set List Maker does support sending MIDI messages to a particular port. When you edit a MIDI preset, if you have multiple MIDI output ports (physical or virtual ports), you can select the desired port for that preset. Otherwise the preset will be sent to all ports.


The istudio does not differentiate between ports, same for Alesis, afaik.

No Thru port is normally not a problem. Just use in/out and make sure that the data is not changed in the thru device. Latency is sometimes a Problem is in long chains of devices.


No Uwe I need 2 ports to work together because one (the USB MIDI OUT) physically would go to the J50 IN (No THRU MIDI port on here) and the other plain MIDI OUT would go to the Nord Stage 2 (Which DOES have a MIDI Thru!) and therefore the data can can go THRU and on to the MIDI IN of the SPS-D Sample pad (No thru on here either)