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Sending a program change without a midi preset

Started by Augustinus1956, February 09, 2014, 01:48:50 PM

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and I like to ask a question.
I figured out how to send a program change to my Nord Stage 2 by using a midi preset over the correct midi channel. for example:
MIDI preset name: A03.1 (like the program name on the NS2)
Sending this preset will set the Nord to bank A, program page 3, program 1
Here's my question: can I achieve the same without having to make midi presets?
I thought I could use the song properties for this because there's also a field for MSB, LSB and Program. But filling out this values doesn't work: it will not apply program changes.
I hope someone can help me, otherwise I have to create and maintain a lot of midi presets......

Thanks in advance,


Sorry, the only way to send a program change is from a MIDI preset.

The program change fields in the song edit window are used to select songs from incoming MIDI program changes. Those fields will only appear if you set a value for Settings > Remote Control > MIDI Program Messages.