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Can't Get Set Times to Work Properly

Started by bherman, February 22, 2014, 03:04:27 PM

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HI all - I have song durations in my data base for most, but not all, tunes we play. I am hoping to add the rest as time allows, but in the meantime added a default duration in general settings (3:30). But setlists will only show total time if all of the songs have a time entered. Any suggestions on how to get the app to include default times for songs without one entered? Having the same problem with time between songs - set the default at 30 seconds but that time is not getting added to total set length.


The values in Settings > General Settings > Defaults are added to your show at the time you add the show but do not affect your show after you add the show. If you added a show before setting those values, you would need to also set these values at the show level by selecting the show and tapping the Details button.

This setup allows you to change the defaults for future shows without affect past shows.