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Copying all MIDI presets as a database?

Started by Daddyg, February 26, 2014, 05:52:30 PM

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Been using the patch/bank change function with great success in over 50 performances now.  I use an iRig MIDI live, as it's small footprint works well in that setting.  I recently got a Griffin Dock and am thinking of using that live as it's got some nice audio outs as well as MIDI.  I have around 50 MIDI presets set up for use with the iRig. To use them with the Griffin Dock, I'd have to copy each MIDI preset and change the port.  Is there a way to make this change globally, or at least copy all MIDI presets in one fell swoop, then change the port to each one.  Any suggestions?

Any help appreciated.


Do you want to have two copies of each MIDI preset when you're done, or just edit every preset to point to the new port? If you had two copies of each preset, you'd then have to attach the new copy to each song and I'm not sure how you'd manage that going forward.

Do you need to address the presets to a particular port? If not, you can just remove the port value from each preset and then the preset would be sent to whichever port is connected at any given time. Generally you'd only need to set a port if you have more than 16 target devices and you can't target them solely based on a MIDI channel.


Wow..that was fast.  Thank you, Arlo.

No...I don't really need to have 2 copies of each preset.  Didn't realize that removing the port assignment would send MIDI to whichever port is present.  I think that's the ticket, as I'll be interchanging the ports on an ongoing basis.  I'll give that a shot.

Thanks so much for your advice.



Finally had a break between gigs so thought I'd tackle this.  When I remove the port assignment to the iRig, it also removes the "Program Changes (Bank MSB, Bank LSB, Program)" entry, and for that matter, the complete parameter from the screen.  I have to choose a port for this parameter to re-appear.  SLM will not send any bank changes without these.  When connected to another MIDI device (Griffin dock), and I choose this under port assignment, the Program Changes line re-appears, and I can re-enter bank & program numbers, but again, once I remove that port assignment, the program change line disappears.  I've set up both ports under MIDI devices as well, and they're the correct MIDI channel, so not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Might be user error here, but it doesn't appear that simply removing a port assignment will work to have SLM send bank/patch info to whichever port is connected.  If you have any further ideas to be able to do this without having to re-enter all bank/patch data, it'd be greatly appreciated.



You should also remove the port specifications from your MIDI devices. Then all the MIDI devices will appear in the MIDI presets.


That was the ticket, Arlo, removing ports settings from the MIDI devices.

You're a smart cookie :D

Again...thanks so much.